Research Proposal Guidelines

You will be working in teams to finalize your proposals. The research proposal (carrying 50 points) should be between 2 to 5 pages, and organized as follows:

  1. Introducing the Topic: In a couple of paragraphs, introduce the general concept of your research study and provide background information about the wider area your topic falls into.
  2. Goals Statement: Describe the goals of your research project and outline your specific thesis in a clear and succinct manner. A thesis statement is a proposition that is stated as conclusion at the conclusion of your project. You should be able to defend the idea. The goals statement should not exceed a paragraph.
  3. Study’s Significance: Explain why your topic is interesting and why should anyone care?
  4. Research Questions/Hypotheses: Clearly state your research questions or hypotheses that you intend on probing as part of this research study.
  5. Research Methods: Define the methods you propose to use. How will you gather data. What or who will the sample comprise?
  6. Brief Literature Review: In this section describe what you found from your initial review of the literature on the topic. Demonstrate that you know how important your study is. Mention at least eight references in the chosen domain. Ensure that you do mention and elaborate upon the prominent studies that have guided your understanding of the topic.
    • Theoretical Construct: Which theory will guide your research study? Lay emphasis on the theory’s importance and why it has been chosen for your research. In what way does it answer your research questions. You must cite at least two seminal research articles based on that chosen theory.
  7. Bibliography: Provide a list of references.

All work in this course needs to conform to APA style. Due September 14th, by noon (beginning of class) in both paper and electronic form (via Blackboard).

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