• Research Article Analysis [100 points] & Presentation [50 points]

Each student will participate in individual research article analysis and discussion. This means that everyone must read all articles.

Student presenting an article will lead the discussion and provide brief handouts for other students in class. The paper should follow the following format:

  • Your first and last name should be clearly visible on top of the page header.
  • Provide the APA citation of the paper at the beginning of the document.

The RAAP must include the following (each point is worth 20 points and should comprise a paragraph each):

  1. The problem or question(s) in the research study. Identify the central focus. If there are additional secondary problems, identify them as well.
  2. Research method (questionnaire, interview, observations, experiment, etc.) Provide an overview of how the data were acquired.
  3. Validity and reliability of data and results.
  4. Key findings (results). What did the author(s) find?
  5. What did you learn and how why should anyone care about this study? What would you have done differently?

RAAP Presentation Guidelines

Each student should prepare a 10 to 15-minutes presentation (max) of the selected research article. The presentation slides should be uploaded on Blackboard. The presentation should touch upon all the sections of the research paper, with ample focus on the methods and results. Here are some considerations for the RAAP presentation.

  • Use professional language
  • Don’t try to present every single detail of your paper. If you exceed 15 minutes of presentation, you will lose points.
  • Prepare a presentation using common presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, etc.)
  • Make it interesting and engaging. Do not put more than 4 lines on a single slide.
  • Read the article carefully and understand each and every detail. You will be asked questions about the methods as well as how the findings are interpreted.