Literature Review

The literature review section (DUE DATE: October 24th) should show that you’ve done an extensive search on the topic and the relevant studies. It should demonstrate that you can critically discussing the research literature of your research area.

To do so, consult with scholarly journal articles, industry reports, white papers, and the like. The following considerations apply to the literature review as well as other sections of the final project.

  • The final version of your paper must contain at least 15 references. At least 13 of these sources should be scholarly journal articles. For these 15 sources, you should only rely on credible sources, such as: peer-reviewed journals, and reputable industry reports (e.g., Pew, etc.).
  • The Literature Review should be between 4-6 pages, double spaced.
  • Include titled sub-sections since they help create a high-level narrative and thus improve readability.
  • Provide sufficient and appropriate evidence to back up each claim, in the form of reasons, data, facts, quotations, etc.
  • Spell out logical connections from point to point, sentence to sentence, and paragraph to paragraph. Provide signposts through each stage of your argument, analysis, or discussion.
  • Do NOT use Wikipedia as a source.
  • Beware of plagiarism.
  • You may not use anyone else’s ideas without proper referencing.
  • Please refer to the Ohio University’s policy on plagiarism.
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