How to read a research paper

Jennifer Raff wrote a useful article on her blog about the best way to read a research article. She sums up the process in the following eleven points.

1. Begin by reading the introduction, not the abstract.

2. Identify the big question.

3. Summarize the background in five sentences or less.

4. Identify the specific question(s).

5. Identify the approach.

6. Read the methods section.

7. Read the results section.

8. Determine whether the results answer the specific question(s).

9. Read the conclusion/discussion/interpretation section.

10. Go back to the beginning and read the abstract.

11. Find out what other researchers say about the paper.

If you are interested in reading about it in more detail please follow this link.

An Elsevier piece by Natalia Rodriguez has an interesting infographic that I am sharing here:


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