Final Project

Final Paper / Research Project

These are the minimum requirements for your research project/paper. You are required to demonstrate teamwork and complete the project in time. Please consider the following:

Start by gathering background information for the topic you choose.

Format and Writing

  • Your writing should be clear and succinct. Ensure coherent and thoroughly developed arguments.
  • Writing should be compliant with APA style, and it is your responsibility to learn APA style.
  • The paper should not exceed 30 pages, including references as well as figures.
  • Your final paper must be theoretical and methodologically sound. You must develop your hypotheses and/or research questions based on a theory.
  • Be mindful of, grammatical, punctuation, spelling, or stylistic errors. Always proofread your papers.


  • All team members are equally responsible for producing this research project.
  • It will be graded as a group project.

You are highly encouraged to submit your completed paper to a conference {e.g. International Communication Association (ICA or AEJMC). You also have the option to submit the paper to BEA. You have the choice of utilizing either the quantitative or qualitative research method.

Read the following guidelines for completing your project.

For the final paper (DUE DATE: November 21st), you must follow the APA style, including the bibliography/reference list (consult:

Section of the Final Project:

  • Abstract: Provide a brief description of your research (maximum: 250 words). The description should include the following information: (1) what the research is about; (2) how the research was conceived; (3) what you found.
  • Introduction [details here]
  • Literature Review [details here]
  • Research Methods [details here]
  • Results: [details here]
  • Discussion: [details here]
  • Conclusion: The conclusion should summarize the entire research project. It should highlight the key issue, what you found, and how it impacts the industry/Communication scholarship and helps it advance.
  • References: Provide a list of all references used throughout the paper. All references should be cited using the APA style.
  • Appendices: Include any materials that are relevant in additional appendices.


Each group should prepare a 10-minute presentation of their final project. The presentation slides should be included with the final draft of the proposal. The presentation should touch upon all the sections of the final project, with ample focus on the methods and the results. Here are some considerations for the final project presentation.

  • Use professional language
  • Don’t try to present every single detail of your project. Limit your presentation to the most exciting/intriguing parts
  • Prepare a presentation using common presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, etc.)
  • Include your presentation slides in an acceptable format with your draft and final project.